Why Choose Mint Oven Cleaning?

With over 30 years experience as a Customer Service professional, Denise will expertly handle your call, with her warm and friendly manner, ensuring we fully understand your needs and provide you with the best priced solution. Having worked for several blue chip companies, including the 5 star Devere Cameron House hotel, Andy understands the very high standards and professionalism, expected by our clients, which we aim to exceed.

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

As we all know cleaning is most effective when warm water is used. We use a state of the art, double skinned tank (Thick Celotex insulation), which keeps our cleaning solution at the optimal temperature, thus achieving outstanding results. The heat retention is so effective that the solution is still piping hot at the end of the day. We only use the best quality Eco Friendly cleaning solution, ensuring the best quality outcomes and minimal environmental impact.

We don’t cut corners – we clean them!

When we say, ‘we don’t cut corners – we clean them!’, we mean precisely that. We will apply the highest standards of diligence, care and endeavor to ensure you are absolutely delighted.

Interested? Get in Touch

If you are interested in getting your oven professionally cleaned then please contact us on 0141 328 2868 or 0131 261 6969, email us or simply fill out our enquiry form below.